Germination Question

I had good success with my last grow. I grew 4 plants and did something different with each plant teaching me some valuable lessons. During my last grow I upgraded my light source starting out with florescent tube lighting to start my plants. Then I used a 100W LED full spectrum light and then later upgraded to a 300W LED full spectrum grow light. This time I’m only growing one plant with plans to have a SCROG grow. My problem is when I started from seed this time I started with the 300W LED and my seedling seems to be taking forever to grow. After more than 3 weeks I had 3 sets of leaves but a height of a half an inch. I moved the plant back under my florescent set up and it seems to be doing much better within 3 days now. Is the 300W LED full spectrum light too much at this plant stage? I really thought the extra light would give me faster and better growth. I think I’m wrong! ; (

Need more information to give any good advise! (Seeds, soil, nutes, etc)

White Widow seeds purchased thru this site
Miracle Grow seed starter soil
Water filtered w/a ceramic and a 5 layer earth filter

My question is more a light question.

It could have been the plant was too small to get full light from the 300 watt LED.

Young plants do need to be “hardened off” before getting a lot more light.

The above link is for taking plants outdoors, but the general ideas are similar, you need to give time for the plant to acclimate to its new environment. And starting it under the fluorescent light or maybe a less powerful LED is the right move.

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Thank you once again MacG.