Germination frustration

Not sure what I’m doing wrong but out of 20 seeds so far only two tails using paper towel method 10 white widow and 10 Afghan kush both tails were white widow don’t know what’s going on

They might germinate better if you let them soak in a cup of water, thats the way ilgm recommends to germinate their seeds.


Didn’t buy from Ilgm… that could be the problem

Well you can give it a try. I used to do the paper towel method long ago but I find the cup of water method works better for me. Just put them in water and if nothing happens after a week then you got some bad seeds.

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@Katers is that how you normally start your seeds? I’ve had pretty good luck just popping them in a rapid rooter. I would get an email into support as well as they can help you out.

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I changed my seed bank recently and I went from 100% success to abject failure overnight. Just put it down to bad seeds. What I did do was to take a note of the offending vendors and avoid them in the future


Where do you get the rapid rooter this is my first grow

@Katers I’ll pick them up at a few local shops, but amazon also is a good source

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I’ve had great luck with Root Riot Cubes. They come in a bag of 50 for $22.95 on Amazon. Forget soaking. Stick a seed in a damp Root Riot, and it will germinate if it’s a live seed. That’s what works for me, anyway, and it’s super easy.


I’ve been having the same issues with germination…

I’ve soaked over 10 seeds in water so far… and have only had about 4 slightly grow a tail…
I left them in the water for 5 days, and moved them to peat moss pods… none of them have grown in over a week…

I did also move 3 to paper towels… no such luck there either…

I now have 3 in rapid root starters… hoping to see if my luck changes there…

For water, I’ve used my well water… My RO water, and also distilled water… no difference anywhere…

Not sure what is going on… I can grow anything else to date without issue… Tomatoes, poppies, and other garden items…

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I use a mix of the cup of water /paper towel method. I soak the seeds for 24 hours, then move to a paper towel. Keep the towel Moist and warm, and I have had a 17/18 success rate after I started using it.