Germination 1 month apart

Help on this? 20 plants, 10 each germinated one month apart
T5 Veggie lights for 13 hours/day on 2’ tall plants
T5 Veggie lights for 20 hours/day on 1’ tall plants
Will the 1’ tall plants catch up to the 2’ tall plants in a week or so?

Take away the light on the bigger plant and maybe the smaller one will catch up

Difficult to say. More light should create more energy and lead to more growth. But growth isn’t always associated with height. The plants with less light will probably stretch more. Which could lead to a taller plant but not necessarily as well developed.


this will flower most cannabis strains,
so i’d say no, the shorter plants will not catch up,
they will be a week or 2 behind in flower and finish 1-2 wks later.!

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