Germinating in Florist foam

Help! I had no rockwool so this is day 3 of attempting to germinate in Oasis florist foam. I have the light on keeping the temperature around 28deg celsius and keeping moist with oh adjusted bottled water. Am I killing my seeds? In theory I don’t see why they shouldn’t germinate. They’re warm and moist. Any advice would be much appreciated. 2nd hydro run /1st run in new system.
5x5 tent
600w HID
2x Chemdawg
1 fruit punch auto
(I reached out to 420 for help- I’m new to the scene but the only response I received was “why would a new grower experiment?” - Not helpful lol).
Please help- I’m freaking out!!!


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type in @Myfriendis410

I don’t see why not.

So, did it work??? Inquiry minds wanna know :+1: :v:

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No- it didn’t work. They stayed there fo about 10 days until I cut them open. Most seeds showed NO change, 2 had tiny taproots and one had a tap root and a shoot- when I removed it the shoot actually snapped off the root (broke in half) - so I transferred them all to rockwool- even the broken one (it was hanging together by a literal thread/ fibre) - and here she is- she’s a Chemdawg- she sat in the rockwool without change for a further 10 days and has only resumed growing in the past 24 hours.
**Although the florist foam stayed moist, it was as if the seeds were encased in concrete and I’ve only managed to save 4 out 10 seeds…costly experiment…I wont run out of rockwool again!!!

Sucks. Sometimes your the windshield and sometimes your the bug. Definitely will remember this. Florist foam is a no go. Sorry, I was hoping it would work, I’m sure that you were too. :v:

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