Germinated GG4 seeds die after approx 1 in of growth

Gorilla Glue 4 seeds purchased from ILGM were placed in a cup of water to germinate. 2 days later they started to crack open and germinate and were placed in rapid rooter plugs where they started growing. At about 1 in tall a very fine “fur” grew out of the seedling base and within a day they shriveled up where the “fur” was and died. Temps were about 65 70 degrees but I also placed the plugs in a zip lock bag so the humidity was high. Any suggestions? I’ve lost 2 of my 5 seeds so this is getting expensive… I have grown about 20 plants so this is not my first grow.

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Sounds like a mold formed from overwet medium. At that stage, they dont require very much water and cant survive in it. Its best to use damp (not wet!) pods. Wet them then squeeze if almost dry.


Too wet and too cold. Try to get that temperature up to 76-80°F



Wlome to ILGM and to our community.

well, you answered your own guestion. When you placed them into that plastic bay, that was it. All that humidity caused them to get mold and died … Sorry. Next time leave the bag out and use damp paper towels insteed