Genetics stress test on ilgm white widow auto

Because…why not I guess. Actually to see how it reacted. It’s one thing to read others results, another to say you’ve done it and got your own “x” results. Took a tied down 18 day old waa from a one gallon to a 3 gallon with same soil setup, retied it down and topped it. Here it is 5 days later. About 1/2 fox farms of/1/2 coco coir with a bunch of perlite on top of Nature’s Living Soil concentrate with pH corrected water only. 6 tablespoons dolomite lime in the top 2” of soil. Under a spiderfarms sf1000.

I wonder what the runoff ph will be in a month - six weeks. That is a lot of limestone.
Babying autos is overrated. Plus WWA is tough as nails. It survived my first grow.

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Whoops. Teaspoons, not tablespoons. So 6 tsp :slight_smile: I’ll do a runoff test and post results in a month or so

Domolite is good stuff. When I first started using domolite I was putting too much in the dirt. Took me a month to figure out what was wrong. My plants were smaller than usual and yellowish. Eventually the symptoms became more profound and I was able to identify it as a ph issue. I saved that grow by putting coffee grounds on the plants.