Genetics stratus1-s3?

Hi, so i am wondering about the genetics of the seeds/strains i have ordered. I am seeing several strains showing signs of hermaphroditing. The little “bananas” or male flowers within the female flower. I ordered seed to begin a cannabis cultivator business. I understand the process of the feminized seed and that hermie genetics are part of that process. My understanding is that s1 is less likely than s3 to show hermaphrodites. Is there any documentation as to what stratus the seeds i purchased are? Is there a certificate of authenticity available? The nanners are showing up in several different environments. So it seems genetics are involved. Any help is greatly appreciated. I look forward to any help in this matter. Thank you

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When making feminized seeds you use female pollen instead of male pollen you spray the female plants with colloidal silver while it growing up til flower stage and the chemical makes them have pollen sacs and that’s about it but you can see all the work into it and when growing feminized stress among other things makes them get nanners,pollon sacs

Anything of that nature will probably not be available here in the forum.
Try asking the seed shop which is separate from this forum.

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I have also noticed increased hermophidite traits in seeds produced from Ilgm,'s feminized genetics from stable skunk #1 and blue dream males. Enough that I no longer breed to ilgm feminized seeds. I have yet to see any autoflower from ilgm not herm either which is why so many have such lengthy grow times with autos.

So i had everything tested at a local grow store. Everything tested great.
Northern Lights 20% thc
Afghan 19% thc
Hindu Kush 22% thc
Harlequin 14% cbd
Green Crack 20% thc
Jack Herer 20% thc
So it seems that part of the genetics are strong. The environmental conditions are extremely important and even a very small hiccup in the environment could cause the problem.