Genetic sexing?

Does anyone know what magnification you need to sex plants by DNA …and what to look for lol? My microscope goes up to 400-600x I think…I wonder if that’s enough?

Ugh…I should have researched a little before asking. Apparently you need an electron microscope, and possibly a dye…

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When you find out how to please let use know.

Special dye and a powerful scanning electron microscope. Pretty pricey deal there! Good luck with that :-):thinking:

I actually looked this up after I answered about the electron microscope and saw that there are actually labs that will do a real-time polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) to isolate the Y chromosome as early as the 2nd set of leaves showing. My how things have changed since I took all of those biochemistry classes years ago.

…and it’s pretty inexpensive. No way to build your own yet as a cheaper alternative as far as I can tell.

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