Genesis bulbs in air cooled hoods

Ok so no doubt the genesis bulbs out preform some of the high end hps setups… so how much does the reflector differ on “expensive” lights? Like if I’m going to run genesis bulbs do I really need the expensive set ups hood or would any reflector do? Like what’s the difference in say… an ipower air cooled hood(once I make it actually seal and insulate it) and an expensive hood the same size? Is it just the fact that a nice hood will already come sealed/“air tight” and maybe a bit thicker metal or is the reflector itself better?

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The air cooled hood will help keep your grow area cool, as all the heat from the bulb is sucked out by your exhaust fan. That is the reason for using them. I highly recommend it whenever an HID bulb is being used.


yeah… but what im asking is if im going to use genesis bulbs… wouldnt an ipower hood that ive sealed work just as good as a more expensive brand hood?

The brand of bulb doesn’t matter. 1000 watts is 1000 watts, when it comes to heat. As long as the iPower hood is air cooled it should work just fine.
Regarding which is better… there are pluses and minuses to both sides. With (for example) an adjust-a-wing reflector, you can adjust the spread of the light. But, it will throw a lot of heat down onto your plants.
With an air-cooled hood, obviously there is no adjustability but the lack of heat is far more valuable in my opinion.

Yeah… ok, I get that but the brand of bulb absolutely matters… as far as par/umol output… a 1000w ipower bulb does not output the same as a 1000w genesis bulb or any of the top brands… the genesis bulb outputs 15,000 more lumens than the ipower… not that it’s bad… it’s just the genesis is that much better…