Gender of plant

image is it to soon to tell my plants gender it’s about 6 weeks

From what I see it’s to early, Sorry

the junction of the main stalk and each branch is where the first sexing will show. roundness is male. pointy pods with two fine white hairs are the desired females.

life is better when growing feminized seeds. no 3 months wasted growing males.


You’re at the base of plants. Take a pic a little higher up

this a white hair female right?

I have three harlequin plants from ILGM seeds. Growing outdoors. Plants are entering the flowering period (I believe). I’m not sure if the plants are female, male or hybrid. Picture attached. If anyone has advice or comment, I’d be very grateful.

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That’s a male, sorry.

That’s what I was afraid of… thanks.

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Juice it, did you purchase regular or femmed seeds?

Unfortunately I don’t recall whether I got regular or feminized seeds.

Juicing it it an option. Thanks