GDP Ready to harvest?

Hey everybody…It’s opinion time. How long until harvest. GDP 63 days into flower. I figure about a week. Now everyone else’s opinion. Everyone is great on the forum and so are the plants.


How do your trichomes look? You are very close…your 1 week estimate is certainly in the ball park.

Good looking bud there.


Yeah starting to cloud. I have 2 GDP and 2 Purple Haze. All are just about there. The damned hardest part, waiting these last few days.


This whole process is a test in patience IMO
#1 Wait for seeds to arrive
#2 Wait for seeds to germinate
#3 Wait for seeds to emerge
#4 Wait for seedlings to make leaves
#5 Wait for plants grow
#6 Wait for white pistils to appear
#7 Wait for buds to form
#8 Wait for triches to appear
#9 Wait for pistils to change color
#10 Wait for triches to turn cloudy
#11 Wait for buds to dry
#12 Wait for buds to cure
#13 Wait for buzz to hit!
In summary, wait, wait, and wait some more…


@merlin44 Like the Military Rule of Thumb of Hurry up and wait. But that is a perfect post about the whole process outside adding nutrients. :+1::+1::+1::+1:


USN '75 - '81


CTR2 USN 79-84. Racked up a lot of time in the air and on those long grey things.


I spent most of my time (after training was finished) under water in those long black things.
Submarine life was not my favorite. LOL


I was first in HHC 3-66 AR BN as I was tapped for Task Force XXI Advanced Warfighting Experiment. Top Secret Clearance so we had so many things we couldn’t do while being in TF XXI.

Part of our Unit was in the last issue of March 1997 of Time Magazine in the Science and Technology section…Major Oaks was our BN XO.

Long after I got out, I found we was issued the Army Superior Init Citation. I have the ribbon on my VFW cap. My mom was like why fight for it and my response was I gave everything for this Country and it helps give meaning to the sacrifices I ended up making. I am just now counting the days when I will be paralyzed from the waste down. Even with her knowing that, she still thought it was a waste of time.

It took me over 3 years to get approved. Due to I didn’t exist for my time in service and they found some internal memo that proved I was in HHC 3-66 aka Burt’s Knights. Named after a WW II Medal of Honor Recipient who I met twice.

Read his MoH Citation. Also look at the photo with the names. Desmond Doss received his MoH at the same time.

Sept 14th, 1995 to Nov 9th, 2004

Not trying to hijack the topic. :+1::+1::+1:


Whats long, hard, and full of seamen??