Gdp auto tiny buds

Not sure what to do with this. It was so pretty till my basement flooded. Rh hit up to 92% and temps went to 84°f due to dehumidifier running. She smells great but i have no clue what to do with her. Most of the fan leaves dropped off and this is what i got left with. 3 gallon fabric pot ffhf with living soil autoflower concentrate added. 27x27x66 sf se1000. H2o 6.5-6.8. Anybody ever have this happen before is there any save options? Oh week 4 of flower

Have seen a bit of similar autos like this lately, not just GDP. I think they ruderalis gene is hitting really heavy. RH wouldn’t do that, but heat stress isn’t out of the question. How long were your numbers up that high?

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It was up for about a week till i could cut the dehumidifier off

A week is pretty long, but I would think that getting the heat down they’d tighten up a little. I think you just got a ruderalis heavy genotype. It happens. I really don’t think it’s going to fatten up, though. I hate to say that. Autos are weird sometimes


Howdy Plumbers crack
Welcome to club :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks growmie, whats going on.

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Just keeping warm in the sun, it is winter here…
Your girl still looks healthy, I would let her finish and see what you get.
Can always use her for edibles or canna butter.
I would keep her anyway… :+1:

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One week later just an update not much other then smell and “frost” has changed.

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