Gauges and Meters

How many separate gauges and meters should a person have accumulated before they start to grow?


I’d say Minimum 3.
A Ph meter. A Tds meter And a hygrometer for the temp and rh.
If you want to spend a few $ more you can get the first 2 in a combo meter.

The apera pc60 is one that’s fairly popular.



This ^^^^ remember as far as ph meters go, you get what you pay for.


This is what I use. It measures both pH and PPM.


Well, really just something to measure temp and humidity is all you need to start.
But you’ll soon need a pH meter and TDS pen.
Then you’ll want a light meter, or the Photone app.
Then some kind of USB microscope for knowing when to harvest.
Then you might want a moisture meter for the drying phase.
Then a kitchen gram scale if you want to judge your success, or for rationing storage.


How interesting you mention microscopes.
Along time ago I used to be in a business that required the use of high powered microscopes, lights, magnifiers, etc, etc.
I still have all the equipment.
So I guess now I get to look at weed thru high powered equipment. I find that interesting.
Not quite sure what I’m supposed to be looking for or at, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out with everybody’s help.

By the way, will 2 cubic foot bags of Happy Frog be enough to fill to 7 gallon grow bags?.

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Cool, can you get pics off any of that gear? You’ll want to post pics, we all want to see pics :+1: :grin:

I grow in water, so you’ll have to tag somebody else with your soil question though, sorry.

Microscopes lets ya fine tune your harvest

2 cubic ft will fill 7 1 gal pots. I can fill 2.5 5 gal pots with 1.5cu ft of Coast of Maine

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Yes it will fill 2 7 gal fiber pots, i also add 4 one gal cans of #4 perelite, mix well.

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