FTG - Gold Leaf. Seems to be going well!

Entry 1: 01/14/21
Grow Room: 8ft W x 15ft L x 8ft H
Left the Mylar on the walls for several weeks until we ran into mold issues and removed it completely. The white walls seem to be just fine, and having less stuff around helps keep the mold at bay. I used Neem Oil on the plants, full strength and Mold Control, and water/bleach (washed entire room twice). This fixed mold issues in their tracks.
Soil: FoxFarm Coco Moir
Lights: Mars Hyrdo 1000
Water: no nutes, Ph balanced between 5.7
Humidity: 55%
Temp: 72F
Music: 24 hour loop of “24 hours of music for plants” on YT.

Entry 2: 01/18/21

Entry 3: 01/23/21
first nutes given, using FoxFarm trio and followed recommended feedings.

Entry 4: 01/26/21
getting big!

Entry 5: 01/30/21
I begin to give it Co2 bath’s once a week, I get 2 5lb blocks of dry ice and staple them to the ceiling above the plants.

Entry 6: 02/01/21
starting to sense something is not right, flushed to make sure I wasn’t over feeding.

Entry 7: 02/06/21
Flushing for the win! They perked up by the next day!

Entry 8: 02/10/21
I have enjoyed every moment I have spent grooming these plants.

Entry 9: 02/18/21
Beginning the 12 on/off light schedule!

Entry 10: 02/25/21

Entry 11: 03/04/21
not sure why the far left isn’t as tall as the right one. Spoiler Alert: The “Little” one in the middle eventually dies due to GROWER ERROR :frowning:

Entry 12: 03/10/21
Starting to notice a pretty amazing smell from the grow room.

Entry 13: 03/16/21
Insane smells emanating from that room! I am so anxious to harvest!

Entry 14: 03/22/21

Entry 15: 03/30/21
For real, I could sit in that room all day and talk to them.

Entry 16: 04/07/21
Really Starting to see the Orange Hairs take over! Also the smell is so strong, it’s overwhelming. I can smell it dozens of feet away outside now.


Looking good, you mention mold airflow will be your best friend keep the fan spinning.

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Welcome to the community! Air flow will definitely help. Happy growing!

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I forgot to mention that 1 light for these 2 plants didn’t seem adequate. I added another mars 2000 and a 46" t5 10.0 ho uvb light @ 54 watts, by zoomed.

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Entry 17: 04/10/21
The big plants fan leaves are getting golden and purple. The little one seems to be putting on weight steadily still. Microscope images, seems pretty clear still.
210410_025335 210410_025323