Frustration with possible deficiencies

I have had much ip and and downs with these two and i cannot figure out why the discoloration has been happening.

I just trimmed them up and gave them each a 4 gallon 6.4-6.6 ph water flush. Then i gave them each a medium feed of nutrients.

I am hoping to flip them within a week or so but wondering about the slight discoloration: should i feed them every 2-3 days with nutrients to help with the discoloration and possible deficiency?

Humidity and temperature are sitting st 40-60% and 70-80 degreees


I don’t see an issue with my eyes…sometimes they turn lighter green if that is your concern


@IloveInsulin is the wilt steady? Do you let your buckets fully dry between waterings? Think saturation to drought. Your soil looks really wet and that’s fine if you just watered but I’m leaning towards moisture issues here. Do you have drains holes in the underside of the buckets?


A good start would be to find out what your run off is… pH and E.C or ppm . Then you at least know if you’ll need to feed or if your having pH issues in the soil etc.
If you’ve been fighting this then these numbers are crucial.
You could feed them everyday but if your pH is off it won’t matter. Your plant will be locked out from certain nutes.
I’m assuming the drooping is from the flush.

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I see you added the holes in your buckets. I went back and found your other thread and I think they’ve improved a couple shades of green in the past few days. Can you post a before and after pic? It’s going to take them a few days to get back to 100% but I think you’re on track. I would warn against freaking out and trying to make many corrections in a short period of time.

Looks like an iron deficiency to me

I would drill about 300 more small holes in the bottoms and sides of your buckets. (Edit to add I just saw @CurrDogg420 s post - yep yep and yep).

I’m taking a bit of a shot in the dark here but they look like they either have a mild pH problem or a mild root problem. Usually when I see plastic containers, I start to lean toward root issues. Plastic traps water and it cannot go anywhere - if the plant doesn’t want it (wrong pH, nutrient lockout, whatever) then it just sits there in the root zone and she slowly starts to drown. The roots will rot and eventually she’ll just die.

That’s a dramatic example, but that’s what I think every time I see soil grows in 5g buckets. Lots of holes help with airflow and create a place for the moisture to escape without suffocating your lady.

She is not thirsty. I can say that much.

This is my thought as well.

I’m highlighting this again to say no. Water when the container is light, not on a schedule.


I measured ph and ppm of each plant with my first gallon of water. Ph was 6.5 before and runoff was 6.9. PPM was 244 of water and the runoff was 590.

I have holes throughout the bottom and added the aide ones last week but i can add more if need be.

These were from last week

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How many holes did you put in the sides? I don’t see any in those photos at all so it’s hard to say whether you may want more or not.

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About another 16-20 each plant

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If they seem improved, keep on keeping on. More holes is always better in my book but I also know it’s not super easy or fun cutting into plastic.

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I see sight nute burn and maybe the start of magnesium def u could give ur plants some epsom salts in ur next feeding that should help with the yellowing thats just my opion

Based on this your plants are hungry and you’ll need to feed more aggressively. Your run off should be right around 1000ppm
They do look like they have improved from your first go around. I’m thinking the holes are helping. the droopy one is possibly over watered? Do you have a feel for your buckets weight?

Yes the bucket is definitely heavy due to the watering.

Would feeding nutrients each watering be overkill or something that i should plan on moving forward?

I don’t know what nutes you’re using but you said medium feed. I’m going to guess you mean half strength of recommend. I would bump this up to the full recommend amount per your nute line.
Make sure your bucket is dry before watering again. you’re drooping because of all that water.
Once your at your targeted ppm go back to every other water feed. Keep an eye on your PPM if you get higher just water until you notice a decline.

How many watts and what kind of light are you running? What’s your average daytime canopy temps? You can try foliar feeding them with fish poop or something light

You don’t need that many holes in a 5 gallon bucket. I have I believe 8 holes and its more than enough to drain properly. :+1::+1::+1:

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