Fruity Trio from ILGM

The whole tent

I would either supercrop or lst them to give you more room for the stretch, but I would definitely flip to flower soon or you will run out of headspace

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The lowest nodes are tied down because they’re easier to do when I go further up the stem even tho the nodes are long I can’t get an angle to tie them down and stay. Should I just tie down the whole stem? Super cropping sounds like sorts what I been doing, removing lower branches right?

Just took a better look at super cropping and I think LST is better but on the stem so it can get bushier. Where should I pull from? The stem is a bit woody

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Pull slowly from the top over to one side. Do a little at a time so you don’t snap the stem. You should be able to bend and LST through the first couple weeks of flower before the branches harden off

What should I do next?


Or should I do from the top like you said? This is as low as I can go without harming it

That’s about all you can do with LST due to the single cola shape of your plants. You can always top them and take some height off the top, but that will make them bush out and I’m not sure you have the space for that.

Idk if I have space for it either but I’m willing to try :sunglasses: I’m in it for knowledge. Was this done correctly? What next? Top it, I did top it a week or two ago. Should I do it again?

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Good job! I would think about flipping to flower now. Just by doing what you did, you will increase your bud sites and harvest weight in the end. Let me know if you have any other questions :v::bear:


You might wanna take off the bottom couple branches so the plant focuses energy to the upper branches and you will end up with less loose/larfy buds

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If it were me I’d take them off of those stands to give you extra space and consider lowering the light distance so they don’t stretch any more. But I’m new as well

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I took off the fan leaves branches the only thing left at the bottom are nodes, cut those off too?

Let me see what you did and I’ll let you know :wink:

I’ll tag you in my current grow. I just tied down one of my plants after topping it a week or so ago

I didn’t make any additional cuts today I clipped the fan leaves at the bottom weeks ago and the nodes at the bottom look like this.

The fan leaves are higher and cropped using FIM and the nodes still look like this. This plant overall is extremely leafy though, should the bottom nodes be cut too?

The scabs are from fan leaves being removed but as you can see when I back up the plant is still leafy with nodes. Clip em?

The one with the square and circle is showing the lowest node with its fan leaves still attached and the lowest picture you can see the whole canopy from that orientation zoomed out, sorry it didn’t upload in order.

You can always remove leaves and lower branches when you’re in flower too if they aren’t gonna amount to anything

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So leave them as is or clip lower branches so the higher nodes can bush up… the lower ones look a lot stronger than the bottom ones they’re stretching to the light but it keeps interfering with the amount of light higher branches receive unless I keep LST’ing them. Is it worth it to keep maintaining these lower branches? They’re firming up as they stretch so I’m sure they’ll flower but the higher branches don’t look as strong, I fear it might be because of the nitrogen not reaching higher leaves like you said.

I always take the bottom couple branches because they never end up like the upper buds

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