From Seed To Harvest Hydroponic (Gorilla Glue)



9th day


I did have 2 issues first seed shell was hard and had to take it off manually after After 2 days or so and the roots as well was damage on accident, but now it seems every thing it’s on The right track

10 th


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11th currently roots just hit the water

At day 14th will change solution and start regular feeding from there

12 th


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14 th

Some burn from the water that touched the leaves , water ph was off but it’s coming back now

15 th
Looks like ph it’s been corrected and plant is showing improvement


You should put hydroton in that net cup to block light out from the roots

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I don’t have hydroton



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You need to do something to keep the light from hitting the water, my friend :v:


yeah it looks like theres a tiny bit of green on the roots.
you really want to prevent light from getting to root zone and water to prevent algae growth.

19 th

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I introduced the lava rocks and I guess I didn’t wash them that good , next day there was a lot of algae , so covered the light ,now I see white roots again , will have to clean the bucket in a couple of days, for now algae it stop :stop_sign: growing and I probably need some calmag since I’m using RO water now .


Plant was really hungry
Had the light too close as well

But I hope I overcome the learning curve

Change solution and put my light back at 20 inch

Roots -

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Day 33 - Overcoming the learning curve

Plant has had a ton of issues but has manage to make it this far ,

Mk ultra —