From seed to flower in 3.5 weeks…huh?

So I started my grow from seed a little over 3 weeks ago (sprouted from seed 2nd week of September) I’m growing three plants. 1 auto (the bushiest one on the left is the auto) and two photo period, gold leaf fem seeds (same batch). These were all sprouted on the same day, in the same soil and are given the same light and roughly the same water amounts (a reduce a little bit of water for the AF because the pot is a little smaller).Also,as an FYI I’ve given them fox farm food a total of twice now. I also rotate the pots around my tent every few days for fun.

The only difference in conditions/care is that the one on the front right was topped at first site of the 3rd node. The AF and the problem child in the green pot have not been pruned. Other than that, the two PP plants on the right are supposed to be the same…except as you can see my little girl in the back is FLOWERING at barely a month old!

Does anybody know what the heck is going on, have you had this happen before and what if anything I should do about it? Thanks for any advice!

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You topped them a Lil to early imo ( 5th node topping is best for autos to prevent shock stunting) . Do you know dli cause it’s VERY easy to underlight seedlings . Finally your 3rd plant is just a late bloomer which is good imo because they end up being the biggest producers .


Thanks for the reply! I only topped one plant. The one in front right (“late bloomer) was topped and is a photoperiod from the same lot:bag of seed as the other Photo. I definitely agree and will wait a little longer next time.

The one flowering (in the green pot) is not topped and is also a photoperiod that is flowering at 3.5 weeks from seed.

Even if I mistakenly got a AF seed in my batch of Photoperiod seeds, flowering after less than a month in veg is pretty remarkable, no?

That’s about right for autos. They usually veg about 4 weeks plus or minus a few days.

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Hmmm. Ok, I guess I have to accept it’s an AF of the same goldleaf strain (the leaf shapes are identical to the photo period gold leaf).

The bushy one(zskittles ) is definitely AF so I guess it won’t be far behind . :dancer:t5:

Last time I grew the same seeds (1AF and 1PP) they both took a few months to start flowering and were both far more developed and bushier .

The only thing different about this time around is that I’m overwatering less (yay)and my temps are likely a little warmer because I have not installed a fan yet.

I do wonder if there is even enough leaf and root to support sufficient bud growth… I guess only time will tell.

For context this is the same strain just beginning to flower at month 4 -5