*From full cloudy to ripe lemontree

Hi I’m anxious yes.
Having said that, I know that I’m close but she ‘twins’ has just become all cloudy with two or 3 ambers.
Any experience will be of great planning help! She is moving as expected. How long before she will be ripe to harvest and possible pros and cons.


Need more info on your grow.

Whatever you do, don’t over feed or over water this late in the game, looks like it’s time for the plant to move the mobile nutrients to wean out some fan leaves to increase light on the flowers where photosynthesis and light is most needed. She knows what to do if you treat her right, generally running drier and less salts at the end is best with the plants water consumption naturally diminishing, timing is critical when finishing and so is the weather, too hot and humid then rot can set in if you don’t take preemptive measures like bleach, peroxide, or some other anti fungal agent. Smell has allot to do with the finish date and preference, it’s just like fruit, it’s smells strongest and sweetest when it’s ripe and ready.

does the plant look seeded to you?


That was my first thought


I agree, looks like she may have caught some pollen.

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