From clones. How long do I veg for and under how many lights?

I’ve got 80 clones and was planing on vegging under 6 lights 600 Watts. Do you think 8 lights is better and how long for?? O yh I’m doing 40 lemon haze and 40 gorilla glues



Now that sounds lovely. Ambitious much? Depends on how u plan to pot the clones. And how old were the mothers… but wait for the gurus. They may ask those questions tho

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Grow them till your about 1/2 the total space you have then flip to 12/12. I grow 2 plants under 2x1200w/256w and two 200w x4cobs running about 200w ea, at the wall. “40 clones, awww good luck”
I only need the 2 1200w running a 1/2 to veg that space. To really grow that many plants you need a lot of light and a lot of space. Growing indoors in a game of sq. feet not plant count , less is more. Just Monster cloned my gorilla glue #4 and will plant a Durban poison autoflower to fill 4x8 tent


How big is your space i get good growth with 4 plants to 1 600w mh and hps light. I had 24 plants take up a 24 x 30 ft garage and had to have them on wheels so i could work on them a spread and tie them down. It took me about 1 1/2 hours every day to train water and or feed. Guerilla glue is not a little plant either and you have to stay on it for light penetration and so you don’t snap branches with heavy buds

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I have 6 lights for vegging and 2 separate rooms with 8 lights in each for flowering. That’s around 12-14 under each light for vegging and 5 under each light for flowering.
I’m just thinking should I use 8 lights to veg under instead of the 6?

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Watching. :thinking:

Are these LEDs or hps/mh ?

What does that mean?

I only have 7 lights going in 2 tents, I was just hoping to learn something off other peoples posts to Your question

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