Freshly chopped, smells like hay/grass

Whats up growmies, the Zkittles auto got chopped on Thursday, April 7th and has been hanging ever since. Not the absolute perfect RH, roughly around 54% but I am getting a hay/fresh cut grass coming from the plant. To my understanding this is the chlorophyll from the plant breaking down but just wanted some incite. Also, some helpful tips for a good cure would be awesome! Thanks as always :handshake: :metal:

You are correct ( providing it wasn’t harvested prematurely). As far as curing, dry until they feel dry when you squeeze them (I think when the stems snap like everyone says is to dry IMO), then jar them up with a hygrometer, monitor the humidity, and if it goes over 63, take them out for a while to dry a little more, then re jar and repeat. Once it stays at 62, open the jars for a few minutes every day for a week or so, and after that about once a week for two or three weeks. Then should be good to go. Your local grow shop shoul have those cheap hygrometers, or eBay.


If you haven’t tried the grove bags, they are great. No burping. Mine have been in closet since last year and still reading 60 to 63%. Just another idea.


After 3 days drying this is normal for the reason you pointed out. Chlorophyll burning off. Another 7 to 10 days and that should subside. Agree with the grove bags for curing. Nothing I’ve cured in has replicated the cure I’ve had using those.