Foxtails. Need tips. Almost ready to harvest

Hello everyone, I messed up by letting my girls get too big:( This is my first photoperiod so not too bad. I checked trichomes and they I see a lot of clear ones so I’m waiting a little more. I have three, 2 purple haze(left side) and one GDP. Wondering if I should cut colas that are almost touching the light To get more light through . Any other tips for this problem or what you see in the pictures are very much appreciated. They are 5 weeks since I flip to 12/12.


Are you able to turn the light down?

@BobbyDigital yes I have it at 75%

How bout a couple pics a little closer and some cola shots but doesn’t look real close to me, I don’t think your harvesting October.

Try super cropping ?

Ya I hate great big plants!

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Try and pull the tallest ones over like a bow and tie them down

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I did super cropping on some branches. I feel if I do more it’s going to block light since is a little crowded. I’ll post mo pics


Say it aint so?


I always love seeing this pic

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Purple haze left

Purple haze middle



Man that first pic looks like a weed Disco :v: