Foxtail? Rasie temp for LEDs!

Ok so this morning , the white widow is in flower, But looking foxtail …
I did raise my light up a bit , I have been running my grow room at 81 an have had a Growth Explosion!!
The led can do much far red without it being 81 to 86 degrees… Soon as asked a alot of people I did try it and will always be running that temp from now on in veg .
78 to 80 flowers. This works the best with cheap leds or even some of the lower marshydo t 1000 & 2000 & spider farmers.

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Foxtails, if you get them, appear toward the end of flowering after pistils have started to discolor and recede. Your girls look to be about 3 weeks into flowering. Foxtails are new calyces and pistils that appear (mostly) on top of matured flowers.


i dont see foxtail. i had it for the first time last grow. it looks like buds growing on top of buds right before harvestimage


Welcome to the community nice healthy plants !


As far as I know, that looks completely normal as your plant develops its preflowering sites :ok_hand:

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