Foxtail near end of grow

Three of my plants are WWAs and they are exactly 12 weeks old. All three are maturing at different rates. One was ready to go last weekend, another is just starting to turn Amber and will probably be ready this weekend but the third is my concern! It’s the tallest and fullest of the 3 however it still has plenty of white pistils and the tallest cola is starting to foxtail. She’s the star of the show and I’d hate to see anything happen to her this late on the game! She’s definitely feeling some stress as I had to tie her as she was falling over and the tallest cola is about a foot away from the light (Mars 1000) but the others have more distance . She’s not ready to harvest. All suggestions appreciated. This has been my first row and I’ve learned so much! I also have 4 Gelatos which are amazing but now I understand why people scrog :blush:. They’re as tall as me. Already planning out my next grow but have to get through this one first!


Dim the intensity of your light, should help


Thank you @AfgVet. I will do that. Appreciate the help

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How about a picture?


She can’t even support herself and her stems feel weak. Just noticed the foxtail this morning. I just moved her away from the direct light. Too many white pistils to take her yet so I’m hoping it’s not too late to save her!

This is the other that is being grown in the same conditions. No white pistils but not much amber. Otherwise looks ready I think?

MEANWHILE my tall Gelatos are starting to fall over and need to be tied or staked at this point and I’d love some input on how to do it properly without damaging them.

What have I gotten myself in to!!! My kids tell me these ladies are getting more of my time than they ever did. They’re right. Hoping they’ll turn out better too😂


I used bamboo stakes I found at Home Depot and tied the stems to them with pipe cleaners. Ran the stakes down the outer edge of the soil so as not to damage many roots

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Exactly what I was going to say. That and plant twist ties. I have a big bundle of drop-ceiling drop wire which works well too. There are also plant yo-yo’s.

Foxtails tend to mask the maturity of the flower by putting out additional pistils. If it’s distributed throughout the flower it’s still bulking up some but the long individual ones are not desirable. You can stop one by cutting it off flush with the rest of the cola. But it’s also an indicator the plant’s about done.


Thank you @AfgVet @Myfriendis410. The trips to HD never seem to end! Will grab some tomorrow . Would I use multiple stakes per plant for branches on opposite sides? And to clarify about the pistils - I THINK what I’m currently seeing on the flower are the normal pistils still running down the cola? Based on the pic would you concur? Maybe ripening more slowly than the others due to her height which caused her to stress being too close to the lights?

I used multiple stakes per pot for sure.

The first photo you put up looks like it’s Foxtailing to me. MyFriend May have a more experienced opinion


You could clip those flush with the rest of the cola: should stop them progressing. Plus you have a sample to smoke.