Foxfarm Ocean Forest & Happy Frog Super Soil (?)

Soooooo…I’ve got about a dozen clones in 2 gallon fabric pots with a mix of Foxfarm OF & HF. I’m going to be using H & G nutes for this grow. My question is WHEN should I start using them? I was thinking when the ppm of mu runoff was pretty low. However, I do have H & G Roots Excel & Amino Treatment. Should I add those in the water now or wait until the ppm of my runoff were low?

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Well it’s a damn good thing I’m here for advice and not to advise, cause I got no clue lol. I’m sure some genius scientist on this site can help. @Nicky @MeEasy anyone? HEEEELLLLLLLLLPPPP This person needs some help.

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I’m not familiar with the product is that roots excelurater or halga something something can’t remember name. I’m thinkin they’re both just different formula of the same thing I just don’t know a whole lot about either. Anyways the amino stuff you can start right away but I know some people wait until flower to use it.

Living soil in general should be started right away so the micros can grow eat and balance the soil. Ff soil is pretty well balanced so I don’t think it’s necessary to pre cook but starting asap is probably a good idea

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I would read the instructions on the root stuff. Is it a beneficial bacteria or a root hormone?

I wouldn’t way to run off until week 4,check your ppm and if still good don’t water to run off in soil until your feeding nutes. Or your just washing nutes out.

When ppm drops below 900 ide feed