Fox Farm Ocean Forrest

Started two ILGM Gold Leaf seeds 10th of January. Transplanted into 7 gal fabric pot around 4 weeks old. I have Bergman’s nutrients to try on these. I’m using Fox Farm Ocean Forrest Soil and with it having a little fertilizer in it the plants have been growing great. Both have been topped once and have just spread out everywhere and are wider than they are tall. My question is do I need to feed nutrients to them as well as they are doing now or wait until they start to stall out?

if they r doing good no need to change it.!!
FFOF i think has enough fert’s in it for 2’ish months of growth.

can u give us some pics.?
white light pics please, orange and blurple hurt my eyes.! LOL


If my counting is correct, they’ve been in the 7 gal for about 2 weeks. You should have at least a couple more weeks of feed in there. Either wait until you see signs of deficiencies or start real light on nutes in a few weeks and keep an eye out for burn. Mine took about 4 1/2 weeks before my plant started asking for nitrogen


I’ll try and get pic tomorrow.


I agree with the others. The soil should have enough nutrient charge to feed for a few weeks.