Fourth Try…bless my heart


After three tragic seedling losses and a lot more research and learning, I have a new RQS Amnesia Haze feminized seed sprouting in a peat pod! :seedling:

I ran the gamut of mistakes - over watering, under watering, light burn/lights too close/lights too bright, lights too dim, lights not on long enough, wrong lights, lights too far away, transplanting too soon…

My last seedling before it croaked:


My current concerns are lighting and climate control.

Didn’t occur to me to get a dimmable light :roll_eyes: (I have a Ts 600). So I’m starting with either a GE LED grow light or I’ll cover the sprout dome with parchment paper to diffuse the TS 600. Thoughts?

My 2x2 tent is in the cold basement. Inside the tent averages 20-25°C during the day. Once I can use the lights, I think the temperatures will stabilize. But I’m still struggling to keep a steady warm room/tent temp during the day to foster seedling growth.

Your thoughts, prayers, and insights are welcome.


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I feel you on the cold basement.
Try putting tent on a pallet off the cold floor.

For heating try a small oil filled radiator heater.

Controlled by an inkbird temperature controller:

If you can get your temp to about 28c(82f) and 62rh humidity… They should grow like weeds… Under the ts600 light.

@dbrn32 Hola senior! are you familiar with the ts600 light?


Download the Photone app on your phone. It will help you get your light where the plant needs it. Look up dli and ppfd see what a seedling needs and adjust your light! Simple as that! Good luck growing!!


Here is a dli chart


I know which light you’re talking about, but i don’t have one. So depends on what you’re about ask haha!


@Growmoredank Thanks for the advice! I’ll add a pallet today and look into the heater/Inkbird combo.

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@T.rish I appreciate this reference. Thank you!


You’re very welcome! :heart: Have you thought about getting a small heater for your tent? I believe I saw, on a post here somewhere, a small electric oil heater… or something similar. If I can find the post I’ll try to link it or tag you.


Just realized someone mentioned it to you already! Awesome!

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Yep. This community is awesome!

I’m going to look into a heater. I have a space heater for the basement, but it’s big and old and the temps aren’t consistent.


Yes it is!!

I hope you get something figured out easily. Happy growing! :heart:

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@Pancake ,
It looks like you are growing in Coco Coir.
How are you prepping it before you place your seedling in it?
That media looks like its bone dry to me.
Personally, I hydrate it with RO water and a dose of CalMag. Then place the Coco in a cloth grow bad and rinse it with my plant food mix. (Jacks 321)
Once my seed has sprouted I place it in the grow bag. Coco should stay wet otherwise the nutrient level will rise to unhealthy levels. This could be a contributing factor, Just my observation from your pictures.


Hey @Spiney_norman,

That was the Pot for Pot mixture. The seedling was still in a peat pod, which was planted in the coco/soil mix. I think the peat pod was saturated and the roots damped off because I found the seedling fallen over one morning. That was the first transplant to make it into the big cloth pot. The P4P mix is now supporting tomatoes in my outside garden.

I’m switching to FFOF for this grow - seems like beginners had success with this (and Jacks 321).

Thanks for the feedback!

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@Pancake Have you switched to ffof yet?

I’d recommend Roots Organics Original over FF.

Roots Organics Original and Jack’s is magic.

I used to use FF… Things got easier once I switched.


Ooooooo…that looks cool. I’m already set up with th FF, so I’ll try the Roots for my next grow. It’ll be an interesting comparison.

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I am so tired of failing. Woke up to another struggling seedling. I turned the light on too soon, I think. Didn’t let both leaves unfurl completely.

I have a small humidifier in the tent now. Maybe that’ll revive the seedling. If not, I’ll start over and try again.

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@Pancake Did you germinate in that thingy(name eludes me) or the paper towel method then put it in?

Do you have light on 24 hours per day after it went in?

A plastic water bottle with top cut off spray water inside then place it over it and will give it a small humid environment until the first set of leaves grow out.

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Hey @Growmoredank

Not this time! This time I germinated it in water until a tiny tail was visible. Then I transferred it to the pod, covered it lightly, put a dome over it, and waited until the root developed more. Then I turned on a grow bulb for 18/6 with the 6 being during the warmest part of the day to help maintain temperature.

It was hitting the top of the dome I had, so I left it off today, and lowered the light. It looks better than this morning. I just made a taller dome, spritzed it, and lowered the light some more.

Worth continuing to nurture it and learn what I can.

Thanks for the feedback!

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It’s been a week of nurturing my leggy seedling.

When I checked the seedling this morning, I saw the taproot came through the bottom of the peat pod! I transferred the seedling to a 3gal fabric pot with FFOF.

I still have the grow bulb over the seedling. If it stretches any today, I’ll fire up the ts600 light.

Should I be concerned about the nutrients in the soil overpowering the seedling? What precautions can I take to keep it healthy?

Grateful for any guidance!