Found thrips, lights off?

Hey all, I just found a few thrips on my 3 week old plants. I have captain jacks and I’m preparing to spray. Can I just lower the light level way down afterwards or do I have to turn it off. I won’t be here later when it’s close to light off time and want to get on this right away

@OGIncognito i think it was you that went through this recently

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You certainly can, but this also depends on how much air flow and exchange you have. Every grower has different standards.
If you have good air flow, a lot of times during my application, the first plant is already almost dry. About 5 mins? You will worry less if you have good air flow.


Thank you. I will increase the fans and lower the light a bit, also give them some time to dry.
The lights off thing is just so the wet leaves don’t get burned?

I noticed an infestation of caterpillars on one of my outdoor plants. I didn’t wait for dark. I started dousing them (all 9 plants) right away. I did it twice the first day and again as soon as it was dark. Daylight came and I was out there again. Three days of that and then I went to every other day. Come time for harvest and the original plant (infestationwise) had about 7 or 8 buds that were bad because of early infestation. I imagine it would have been worse if I had waited for nightfall. None of the others had issues.

What else did none of the plants have? This light burn so many talk about. That’s with an East Texas midday sun and no burn or damaged leaves.

Move to my indoor grow. This is a Super Skunk I trained for mainline.

I wanted a plant to fill the tent. I spent a lot of time on her. When it came time to move her into flower, I set her on top of a 10 gallon pot.

With the addition of the netting, the plant wasn’t coming out until harvest. You see, I like to take my plants outdoors. I did so with this plant and ended up with a spider mite infestation.

As soon as I discovered them, I sprayed the plants with CJDB. I didn’t worry about the light, I worried about the insects. Twice a day and at lights off for a few days and then every other day until harvest.

Light burn is an old wives tale. The mold and mildew are a new objection, but all you have to have is the right conditions and you can develop mold and mildew. You don’t need to mist the plant.

So maintain humidity below 55% and you’ll be good either way…

That’s the ticket. Move and replace the air and you’ll be okay.


That’s exactly what I did. I pulled them out and sprayed the crap out of them, top and bottom. I let them sit and drip for a while then put them back into the tent. Lowered the light intensity just a bit and increased all the fans