Forum stomper auto

Hi growers been quite a while since I last posted my skittles auto she went well and eventually got there.
I’m onto my next grow forum stomper from Mephisto, she on week 8 smelling danky and looks lovely ppls thoughts and opinions much appreciated👍🏻

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she is filling out nice! I love it when they start to smell. Ive been around weed my whole life and love the smell of it. Its very comforting to me, even though I cant smoke it. What kind of light scedule you run? I do a 20/4 on my autos thinking about trying a 18/6. Looking great and welcome back

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Yh that smell is normally a gd sign n Yh smells r great… glad to be back, I’m running 19-5 got 2/3 weeks left…

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Buds look fantastic!!! They look like they’re going to be hard like marbles. Very sticky! No closeups? I’d love to get a look at the frosties. Well done growmie!!! :call_me_hand:t2::call_me_hand:t2:


Best I can do look ok to me lol…


Same here, I can’t smoke it because it sends my brain into hyper drive, but my wife does, and I love the challenge of growing the dankest bud I can. To date my wife’s favorite is OG kush. Man that stuff smells good. Growing, and when she smokes it.


Welcome back @Blue85 !! Your flowers looks very nice! Gonna be a sweet harvest soon!! :sunglasses:


Nice pics @Blue85 that’s some down and dirty smoke right there. Love the fresh pistils unfurling. Gonna fill out pretty. :call_me_hand:t2::call_me_hand:t2:

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Morning growers love the feedback… I think she at that stage of my 2 week flush we on day 57 what do ppl think…

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She looks FIRE :fire:

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She smells it to sweet n pungent… on day 61 now from wen last sent pics and she is fattening up lovely.
Had her 1st flush few days ago just a waiting game lol… happy growing

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Some new pics of the forum stomper had another flush today she at the end of week 9​:relaxed::yum:

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That’s some killa looking bud my friend!! Get set to be really really happy and high!!

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