''forever buds", anyone familiar with this strain?

A question from a fellow grower:

I heard about “forever buds” offered from BC seeds. They claim the plant us 30’ tall and produces 29.8 lbs! Also, what is so amazing about this wonder strain is that it is 10 years old, is still female, and claims the potential for multiple harvests per year (fall and spring I assume) .
Is this possible?? Any truth to this plant?

Sounds like a Land race Sativa. Sorry; No, I do not know the strain. I get my seeds form Amsterdam.

30 lbs …where can I get this strain from ?

http://bcseeds.com/indoor-storm-trooper-bud-p-117.html they have more feasible strains

That is a nice find

They have the forever buds strain too if you have deep pockets

Yea i already bought 10 seeds took all my summer investment money

Any visual proof to this?