For all you CMH guys out there

Is this a good deal? Seems like a good gamble.

Why do I feel the need to collect lights? Smh.

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I try to collect the LED ones. lol.
It’s a CMH fixture what’s the question?
Seems reasonable to me for the price.

My question is, on the quality of it.

Solis Tek I think was at some point a decent company. I see similar fixtures going for $300+

$99 seems really inexpensive. I also wanted to share the link, because… $99.

If I needed a CMH, I would scoop it up.

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One thing you need to consider with MH is the bulbs need to be replaced yearly. Figure that cost into your calculations.

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I heard this podcast where some sales rep was pitching his 4000k CMH bulb as totally superior. He said his bulb produces terpenes galore and tons of resin. He markets it specifically to guy who make concentrates.
This perked my interest.
I already have a single 315 ballast, I thought maybe 630 would be better.

I’m getting one of his bulbs. I also want to hunt down some Michigan M3 soil and see what fun I can produce.


Produces UV. This why CMH in my opinion is superior to MH or HPS. You also don’t have to switch it.
Still prefer LED, but if there was a compromise for me, CMH would be my choice.


It’s somewhat cheap for what you’re getting. No bulbs, which will probably run about $100 each. Looks like come with 240v cord too. Wouldn’t be a big deal to change, but another thing to buy and do.

One thing to keep in mind is that you rarely see people pitching stuff point out what is better. I would run the shit out of 4200k cmh before I went to hps. But more so for the efficacy than anything else. If you look around enough you can find really frosty buds from all types of different lighting.


Off my HLG lights and its an auto.

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Yes it’ll be better, it’s twice as good, lol. but it’ll be hot and CMH fixtures are not air cool friendly, need to exhaust like crazy for the 630. I like the CMH spectrum and ran a 315 in one of my tents for a while, always thought they were better for open air growing than tents due to the lack of air cooling options, but yeah it has a great spectrum and UVA and UVB that most lights lack. Even with the 30 watt UVA I added to my 550, my clones were considerably more sticky and smelly than previous harvests.

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My stuff is so sticky I use that Orange gritty soap from say Autozone for example and its still hard to get off my fingers. All my plants have been this way.