Following directions on plant food

So, firstly, thanks for all the knowledge that I have read here!
I finally found a local store that carries EVERYTHING that I have read so much about here. Fox Farm, Happy Frog, Captain jacks, etc… I am thrilled! Obviously I’m not changing medium for my current grow, it seems to be doing ok but will be switching for my indoor grow.
I bought FF big bloom concentrate and am wondering if the 4Tbs per gallon that it recommends is a good number or if it should be toned down?

Random seeds I got that I am learning with

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FF feeding schedules are very aggressive and sometimes leads to nute burn. Many will feed at only half of the published schedule.


To add to what Midwest said. When I used fox farms I didn’t really follow the schedule. You will learn to read a plant. If she is light green, she is hungry, dark green she is full :slight_smile:

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Thanks @MidwestGuy and @Zee .
I’m always nervous to overdue stuff as it’s my first attempt. :upside_down_face:
I attempted LST today too.
It’s all a learning experience and I’m absolutely enjoying it

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No worries! We’re here to help.

Well done on quitting drinking! Glad to hear your in a rec state, those girls or boys will grow past your fence line :slight_smile:

Great to hear you enjoy growing, wait till you get to flowering stage if you have girls. It’s a great hobby! Tag me anytime bud! Happy growing!

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I think it is tsp not tbs may want to double check
Plants are looking nice and healthy Good luck

@spankyjr1 thanks, plants are looking good for a first attempt (imo)
I did check that label, it definitely says Tbsp ( spelled out) wich seemed like alot, hence the reason I asked.
Trying too hard, don’t want to burn them up now lol

You are in soil correct?
What week?
my chart directly from FF show’s everything in tsp

@spankyjr1 I am in soil. I’m pretty sure I planted june 6th.
This is the labels (bear with me I’m new lol)

It says the same on my bottle yet the feed chart I posted is for cannabis plants
Let’s ask someone who knows more about using FF nutes what he recommends if he doesn’t mind @MidwestGuy

I feed at about half of the FF schedule. The recommendations are measured in tablespoons. I use a 10ml syringe with a blunt tip needle when I measure.

The published FF schedule is very aggressive and can lead to nute burn. I don’t know many growers who follow the published schedule.

So according to the chart week9 it calls for 3 tsp you would feed 1.5 teaspoons? or 7.5ml?

Yes, that is what I do.

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Excellent information, thanks @MidwestGuy and @spankyjr1

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