Flowers to buds

What is the time frame for the lights on and off during budding?

12/12 for photos…auto are not photo-sensitive…can use 18/6 or 12/12 or even 24hr if one wanted but wud be a waste of energy consumption…hope it helps!!!

Thanks wasn’t sure I don’t have to change a thing✌🏼

My gorilla glue fems are flowering and I am on 12/12. I just turned my lights to full on bright. Is this too much? They seem ok so far.

Right or wrong my lights were on full from start to finish

@Taylor6String Thinking of a “natural” light cycle from spring to fall…sun comes to an apex and degrades thru the yr so it wud only make sense that you wud want to mimic that as best as possible…if you keep lights full blast, you can cause massive foxtailing to your buds!!!