Flowers storeage for lo g periods

I have read several different articles about how to store your harvest for long periods of time (ex.over winter). Some say freezer some say no. Alot of opinions. What does ILGM say?

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Search this forum for Grove Bags. There is a great thread on them. Curing / storing in them is a great option. For longer term storage keep the bags in a “relatively” cool & dark place.

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I put my long-term storage weed in a Ball jar with a 58% Boveda pack. I suppose grove bags would work equally well.

Definitely in a cool dark place. I store mine at room temp (~70F.) Others will put it in the fridge or freezer.


I was reading that if you would like to store your cured weed for more than 6 months to a year that it should be vacuum sealed and placed in a freezer.
I personally have never tried but that’s what I have come across.
Hope this helps

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