Flowering weekend

I’ve started the process of forcing my plants to flower. I build a blacked out room that I can roll back in the morning. My worry is in two weeks I will be out of town for two nights. How much of a bad deal is this for the plants. I’m planning to just leave them uncovered. Thanks for any help.

If they will be exposed to ‘veg light hours’ it will more then likely force a reveg. Not especially hurtful… but you will have to account for reforcing them into bloom into ur harvesting timeline. Id just let them do their thing til u get back

So I jut started the forced flowering yesterday, your saying I should just keep them on the veg cycle till I get back correct?

Yes. Outdoors im guessing?


Yup let them do there thing man. Better then getting the wonky reveg leaves or prolonging ur grow more then needed


I agree on this. Keep them in veg, two more weeks isn’t a big deal. Also you have the opportunity to recover nutrient wise if you keep them in veg until after vacation. I did this while my plants were in someone else’s care. Then I allowed for a couple of More weeks of recovery (optional) then I flipped them.

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