Flowering Week 4 NL Fem Seed Growth

Hey all this is pics of 5 days before week 4 of flowering northern lights from seed that I bought off the site. Can you tell me how they look. To me it seems like the buds are crazy small at this week but I don’t know.


Your buds look fine to me…they are not totally huge but not super small either. The lower buds may be a bit light starved. They are stacking nicely and should be an excellent harvest for you.


I agree plant looking good it will fill out a lot in the next 4 weeks. I would just like to add I see some leafs yellowing out a little early I will keep an eye on my PPM runoff and feed when necessary to get the best yield.


The buttons look about the same as mine on day 24 of flower. They are maybe a little stretched out but the upper ones should fill in. If you were going to defoliate to get more light to the mid plant buds, now would be the time.