Flowering updates

15 days into flowering , this plant was more of a trial and error to start getting used to the growing stuff . I will be buying seeds and most likely another light because this 150 w sun system was prob a bad idea to buy , what would be a good setup to start up. All tips are appreciated :slight_smile:


If you can, provide us with a bit of background. How large a space, what are your growing requirements (do you have a minimum desired yield for example) in what climate etc. If you have pure water available then hydro might be the way to go. If you are in a desert climate that will affect your situation. Tent size, what strains you are interested in etc.


32x32x63 is my size tent and I’m not picky on anything like that , I’m just interested in growing and the varieties to see which strain I would like the best , with yield I don’t care about the yield Either I just like the process . I live in Florida the climate gets pretty dry sometimes humid when it rains a lot and I always have access to fresh water. @Myfriendis410

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I have a timber light!,and a 6 inch infinity fan w/temp and humidity control, i also run a portable ac to keep stable temps

Said NO FLORIDIAN EVER!! :joy::joy: i believe the HLG 260xl (or something like that… @dbrn32 check my homework?) is the recommendation for a 3x3.

That Sun system looks to be doing its job tho. Nodes a bit spacey but that could be just the strain. Pistils look healthy n plants happy. Now of course u could add a little HLG 100 or 120 to the Sun… thatll be the cheap route. But if u wanna swap it all out i think its 260 or better


@PurpNGold74 north side of Florida gets pretty dry when it isn’t raining .

Would this do the trick

260xw. I’m sure all the acronyms get confusing. The xw stands for extra wide, more or less square heatsink. the 260xl is extra long heatsink, best for 2x4.


Ahhh. And the learning continues. Solid C + tho :+1:t5:


A- in my eyes. The help is appreciated.