Flowering update

How she lookin?


A lil light hungry… hows the light intensity n distance?

But pretty good. Resembles my ladies definitely


I agree a little stretchy, but not the worst I’ve seen.


What light(s) are you using, and how far above the plant is it hung?

She’s stretchy but looking healthy.


@Drinkslinger 150 w hps light and about 20 inches , but I will definitely lower it thank you !! Very much

@PurpNGold74 , I have a 150 watt hps at around 20 inches. I will def put it down a bit , thank u for ur input :slight_smile: !!!

Don’t drop it to much. Always use the back of the hand test.
Start out dropping it 4”

Once your deep into flower all that lower junk will get stripped away anyhow. Good structured plant though :v:

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Yup i wouldnt lower it really. May need a bit more intensity to flower properly. But 20 inches sounds right. Of course i know nothing of hps. Believe thats @Hogmaster domain

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