Flowering to determine sex

I am trying to find out if my indica plant the I started from a bag seed requires Bloom food or keeping with veg food. The pound of weed I bought about 2-3 years ago had damn few seeds but it was some killer Indica ! I decided to try growing a seed from it, thinking it would never germinate but it took off like crazy.

I am trying to determine if I should start flowering food to help it or not. I am going to return it to veg as soon as I determine it is a lady (HOPE SO!) and cannot find anything about changing the nutes to help it flower despite returning it to veg.

Any input is greatly appreciated. It is growing like crazy and I would hate to stunt it’s growth for vegging ! Thanks. Jerry

OK, got a reply that I needed on my journal. Will have to get it cloned and go from there ! Thanks Latewood ! I may just go ahead and flower everything and watch closely. The amazing growth I got in the last 24 hours tells me that I need to flower it all now. The growth is not going to allow more vegging in the space I have.

Why don’t you add your journal link here for reference. Or; Delete this entire post. Thanks, lw

How do I add my journal link. I am not too computer savvy !

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