Flowering stage in extreme heat - Should I repot?

@Mr.Mr.Limelight @Shadegrown @Storm @ChittyChittyBangin @Graysin need your help with Baby Cakes.
Strain: Strawberry Cough in a 5 gallon fabric pot
Broke Soil January 30
Spotted first pistols April 7
Root Organic Soil
Advanced Nutrients Micro Grow Bloom/B-52/Bud Candy
Also alternate Photosynthesis Plus/Vegetable Enhancer/Recharge (Microbial life)
Outdoor grow

About 1st of may I started noticing yellowing fan leaves. My ppms were staring to come out higher and higher (1400, 1700) I did a flush with 6.5 ph water and got the ppms down to 1000. Also realize that I had not been giving any Cal/mag and I use rain water to water. After the flush I fed and tried to keep my ppms coming out around 1000. I am giving Cal/Mag at 150ppms at each feed. Right after the flush the yellow seemed to slow down but it has come back. Also the leaves edges are turning a purple color and then the leaves turn yellow. I think I will loos e most of my fan leaves as I have already lost a bunch. Since I a, using the AN PH balanced nutrients I am not phing my water. I do not see may new white pistols coming out. She does look very frosty and I think her growth has slowed down. Do I need to feed her more? Is this a nutrient deficiency? Here are numbers from the last couple feedings:

5/4. 780/837 ppms
5/6. 800/1019
5/8 820/1390
5/11 53/810
5/13 871/960
5/15 870/1120

Pics: notice the purple edges on the leaves

What should I do?


I would stop the cal mag. Its not needed. Youre around week 5 or 6 i think… i would more p&K and less N. Shes building buds. Shes going to start showing some colors at this stage also. Since youre checking runoffs, keep them between 1000 and 1200 and youll be golden. You want your ph between 6.5 and 7.0. Keep on growing on bro. Shes looking good.


Looks like she got hot with nutes for a bit. As Chitty says line out your ph and nutes. I like 6.2-6.8 myself when testing it. Living soil so I random it. Line the nutes back to pretty simple feed schedule. If your nutrient line says use this or that go there. No overfeed and a lot of supplements just tend to muck up the works. Far into flower so leaf recovery is not going to happen. She will finish fine as long as ph is solid. Lots of nutes doesnt a big strong plant make. You added a lot of life so she will take what she needs and extra just hurts. Stay on the nutrient lines schedule. All the bud boosters are just insane levels of p/k. Just my thoughts. I have made hot soils and rode them out to good finishers.


Get it Baby Cakes! Man that girl is looking chunky. I’m following Chitty and Storm. :sunglasses::metal:t2:


Absolutely. Just do what the instructions say, no more. In fact I generally do about half of what the feed schedules recommends until I get the sense it’s time for more. Once you see a plant life cycle enough you start to feel it in your gut what it wants or needs. That’s not super helpful information but you’ll learn a lot more by keeping a consistent regiment and watching how the plant reacts instead of making changes and hoping the plant likes it


I think its looking great. It will finish nice. The fading leaves are normal. Just listen to what these guys are relling you. You will do fine.


For those of you living in the now and no longer getting the paper. :wink::joy::rofl:

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Hahahaha pretty good!

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