Flowering questions downstate NY

Greetings. I’m growing outdoor (my second year) in downstate NY and have some questions. I’m growing 3 blue cheese and 2 Maui Wowie, both from feminized seeds. They appear to be in fantastic health, no signs of any mold, or bug infections just nice green healthy plants ranging in hight from 6 1/2 ft to almost 8ft!

My concern is the lack of bud development and “sticky icky”. Looking at last years notes and photos of my purple haze, the bud development was far ahead of where it is this year. I’ve been using 20-20-20 fertilizer and recently (today) added bone meal. Any thoughts or opinions? Am I overreacting, looking for bud development to soon??

Any fellow NY’ers out there? How is your flowering going?

Thanks all

Were in summer bro in the east we are not in flower right now outside we have way more then 13 hrs of sunlight in that area


In New York you had 14 hours of sunlight today they wont flower till light goes under 13 hours and u get close to 12 light and 12 dark october really


Researchers light deprivation for out door early flowering


Plants gonna keep vegging until sun dun shine 12+ hours.

Phosphorus before flowering will increase yield.