Flowering is taking place

I have my auto Blueberry and she’s 5 weeks. Everything is going just fine with her, except with the fact that I need to buy flowering plant food (and I plan on buying that REAL soon). For now I have low-dose 1-1-1 plant food and use it a little more on her since the NPK so low until I can get the right stuff for her.

I see the frosty stuff showing up the plant and she’s starting to smell soooo good!! I am tempted to want to sample some of the bud because my nose gets seduced by her every time I go in my closet lol. I know that seeing that means it won’t be too much longer before it’s time to harvest. Is there anything in particular I should be looking for to help me know when it’s time to harvest or should I just be honing in on the trichomes only?

I’d like to think in another 4 to 5 weeks it’ll be time to take her down (I was told it’d take her 56 days total since she’s an auto), but I also know that there are exceptions to the rule. One person can have a plant that’s an auto and at 6 weeks it looks a certain way, but for someone else theirs may look like it needs more time or something. I read that when the trichomes are milky and white that’s a good time to take her down but I think that’s when a magnifier comes in place, right?

Great news. :slight_smile: I cannot wait to see pictures of your grow.

So I’m okay with using the 1-1-1 plant food? I figured since she’s an auto, flowering plant food would be perfect. If I don’t have to get it, that’s fine too but I do want my plant to get to her full potential. Like I said I feed the plant a little more than usual since the values are low. I do have some yellowing of leaves but at the same time bud sites are starting to look plump and the center too.

PLease do not over fertilize your plants. 1-1-1 is as 10-10-10, as is 20-20-20; Balanced minerals. Best to follow directions. :slight_smile: