Flowering in veg?

It’s peach pie strain.

In one gal Hard pots feeding every other day want to transplant but seen this issue just before.

House of gardens nutrients. 60% strength

Ph 6.0-6.1

Promix hp

Only about 4 weeks only and after topping them they seem to be going into flower… got them as a clone 2 weeks old… someone else I know has the same cuts and he doesn’t have this issue… any help would be great!

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What kind of light schedule are they on?


18/6 under Cmh 315 and I also have a t-5 in the mix

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Welcome to the community ! is it possible it could be an auto seed.

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Thank you! I mean I thought that but my buddy has the same cuts from the same mom and his look normal … we both got the cuts at the same time … totally odd!

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Check your timer, make sure it’s turning on/off at the set times, could be defective. Just a thought.


Yeah I wish that were the case but I have more strains in the same room and they look great

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