Flowering cannabis having yellow spots

So some background info first. This is my friends plant growing outside, its in its 4th or 5th week of flower, this is a Nigerian landrace strain known as Mali Kush (grown in Nigeria). The only nutes added was a plantain and ground eggshell tea mix about 2 weeks ago because i felt this was a phosphorus deficiency at first

Definitely quite a few deficiencies there. All three main NPK’s. I would suggest a more rounded feeding schedule, to minimize deficiencies next time.
The egg shells are inert, until dissolved in vinegar and dissolved then added. They will eventually get into the soil, but long after the plant is gone.


I agree with @Covertgrower and if it was mine I would give it a good spraying with Nutrients from head to toe first.

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thanks @2GreenThumbs and @Covertgrower, seeing as she’s midway into flowering would loading her with nutes at this stage be a wise decision?

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1/2 strength at least, she is starving. Maybe get ready to support some of those branches too. When she finishes bulking she gonna need help standing.

As @StonedCold13 said half nutes if your not sure. Folilar or spraying them speeds up the process as the leaves will soak up what they need.

I would give them a spray of say a teaspoon or less “whatever your nutes call for” of nutes in a quart sprayer mixed with pH 6.5 water and then feed them and wait two days and give them another half or lower dose feed as normal in the daily watering. Check your pH before you do anything and then check it every day for a bit. A ppm meter will tell you exactly what is in your pot at runoff a cheap investment and one that saves you alot of headache

It looks like a bottomless tire pot. No catching runoff.

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My bad I thought it was in a pot.

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@StonedCold13 yes will definitely work on that.

@2GreenThumbs i would do that except most of the matrials needed are hard to get by in a country such as this plus its an amateur grow but will definitely do what i can. thank you both so much

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Earth pot😎

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My advice really is feed that thing it needs it. If you haven’t then give it some Cal mag


Even if you can get some tomato plant food and sprinkle around the base would help