Flower time period - Clone V Seed

Is the flower time the same for a plant grown from seed compared to that of a cutting from its mother.
Plant grown from feminized seed, initiate flower (light 12/12) on day 0
Plant considered mature and flower is ready to harvest 70 days later.
Cutting taken from its mother when the mother was mature enough to flower, the clone vegged until well established with new growth. At which time flowering was initiated (light 12/12) on day 0.
Given comparable conditions during flower, will the clone have the same 70 day flowering time as its mother? Or, are there reasons it will be shorter?
Possibly the days needed to transition from veg to flower will be shorter for a clone.
Thoughts? Your experience?


Cuttings take around 2 weeks to take at which point you can run 12/12. The big time savings is in eliminating the veg time of the mother plant. This is the fastest way to produce quantity.

In general, clones will behave like the parent plant.


Once you flip to flower, do you think there is any difference in the actual number of days it takes for the flower grown from seed to one from a clone, to mature?

Assuming the mother plant was sexually mature at the flip; no.


Yep that was one of the conditions. I am anxious to get started on next grow so was hoping against hope.

This plant won’t flower for several weeks. That is why Myfriendis410 said

Just because a plant says 70 day flowering time and you start on 12/12, doesn’t mean it will be ready to harvest in 70 days. You will still have to wait for the plant started from seed to mature, then you will have it’s flowering time. I know a guy personally that never changes his light schedule from 12 hours and plugs in new plants to his grow when he harvests a plant. Most of his plants take between 90-110 days from seed to harvest.