FloridaSon's 2018 madness


Most of the madness will involve me trying to upload anything. I’ll do my best this year to keep things up to date, but I expect this “journal” to be slow compared to most.

I have 4 Blueberry autos started in the little peat cups with Happy Frog as medium.

I will be placing them in their final pots with Ocean Forest. I’m not sure if I have enough soil for all 4 at this time, but I hope to have them placed by this weekend.

An introduction to the girls…

The poor little girl on the left didn’t want to give up her little seed bonnet. I knew pulling it off would cause damage, but I couldn’t take it anymore after the third day. She’s ok, just stunted like crazy…

As soon as I am able to get more soil, I have some photoperiod plants to start. I plan on the entire year to be in this one topic. As promised, @AmnesiaHaze here is where I will post anything about what I grow this year.

Will be a slow topic…


Hope you don’t mind me tagging along :grimacing:

@FloridaSon Please add me to your follow list! :woman_farmer:

All are welcome for the snooze fest. I sent that tag because I was asked to. I’m terrible at keeping notes, so it’s mainly something to do that may help anyone.

Pulling the cap was a clear example. Not a good thing to do, but can be necessary at times. The idea to take from this is not to stress over the unforseen problems.

Thanks for taking an interest. We’ll see how this goes…


My memory doesn’t always allow me to recall names. Usually when you post to a topic the controls for that topic are set to “tracking”. If not, you can manually set it.

All are welcome, but I don’t want to seem rude by forgetting to tag an individual.

Time for me to prepare the ground sites for the photos…


I decided to go ahead and place two of the autos in their homes. I’ll do my other one this weekend. I’m giving the 4th one to my son. I’ll be keeping the runt.

One of them has a mutated cotyldon that has two lobes. Maybe that’ll give her an extra boost…

I gave both a thick layer of perlite in an attempt to thwart the pesky gnats! I expect to have algae problems, but I’ll H2O2 them when I need to.

Didn’t expect to post again this soon, but I got bored…


Glad to see you around again old friend… will be waching and of course I’m here if you need me… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


I will be watching


i’m in here watching @FloridaSon
it’s about that time here too!


Set to watching, glad to see you back at it dude
Good luck on this year’s adventure :sunglasses:


The photoperiod lineup has been decided.

1 Amnesia Haze
1 Chocolope
1 Sour Diesel
3 OG Kush

My SD grow last year was an utter failure! I’m hoping for better results with her this year.

I’ll be taking clones from from the singular seeds once they are mature enough. I’m undecided about cloning the OGK. I imagine I will, but that’s not the plan at this time.

Will drop the seeds as soon as I locate the pots I’ll need for the seedlings. I kept back enough Happy Frog for them to get started.

Looking for a good time…


Nice sounds like great choices :wink:


Just dropped them all in their presoak bath. :smile:


clone your favorite pheno on the OGKUSH @FloridaSon
i really like the line-up brother!


I like your lineup and looking even more forward to watching :+1:


My brother happy to see you up and running @FloridaSon
Love the line up as well and ill be following along with you


Lol…not sure about the “running” part!

It IS nice to have something growing again! I’ve found that I tend towards depression when I don’t have a grow going.

Another reason I need to build a room and try indoor again. I don’t like my plants inside, but I would be able to grow year round if I did.

Much respect to the indoor growers…


Lol ok then at least you up
It is nice being able to grow year round brother
Even if you only ise it in the winter months
I know what you mean by needing a grow going im out of sorts as well when the grow room is empty lol :wink:


@FloridaSon Yes! The madness has begun! Beginning during March madness! I wish I had the proper climate to grow outdoors! You are so lucky! I am following along and I truly really appreciate the tag bro! I still wish you were growing in hydro and indoors under those beautiful cobs


We’re supposed to have a work weekend coming up soon. If I can get the group on a shed that is in pieces on the ground it could serve as my indoor grow.

I’m still iffy on hydro. I understand that once you get it dialed in it’s pretty easy, but what kind of damage will I do in the process? Lol

Once I get back inside I’ll be doing soil until I learn how to control the environment. After I can do that I would be willing to try hydro.

Controlling the environment…isn’t that God’s job??..