Fliter question

As most first timers, the smell has gotten to where I need a solution. I have had my exhaust wired to everything else, so all lights, fans and exhaust all come on by timer. I’m now going to re-route some extension cords to have exhaust run 24/7, so hoping that will help. Question is does it matter if your pulling or pushing air through the filter? Currently pushing and have great negative tent pressure.

Pretty sure you want it as a exhaust, suck the hot air out the top of tent/room, pull fresh air in opposite side at bottom


It’s more efficient to pull through, rather than push, but both work fine.

Here’s mine. The fan is on the left, pulling air through the filter, then exhausting it out of the tent.


To get rid of smell thinking u have to use as exhaust, I would imagine

Wasn’t thinking about the exhaust being off at night, woke up to to find out I need to run it 24/7 lol


Yes. Exhaust means venting out. Pull the air through the filter, rather than pushing it through. It saves your fan.


Yes the exhaust fan needs to be on 24/7 as the plant needs to breathe even in the dark, it helps keep humidity under control too.


I’m only allowed to post so many times, due to being new. So thanks all!


If you don’t already have a speed control on exhaust fan it is a good option to have cuts down on noise . Can speed up or slow down for different reasons. Exhaust fan on 24/7 good luck


I personally found that with an exhaust fan running 24/7, the smell is never that strong from the flowering tent, as any smell is quickly moved around…
I actually unplugged the exhaust filter to save it for my next grow, as i just didn’t need it in my current grow.


Switch your arrangement around so it’s like the photo blackthumbetty posted above. When you pull through the filter there is more exposed filter media.

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