Fiz's Second Grow - LSD Auto triplets

My car history is a clear indictment of teacher pay. Honestly, pretty much anyone with a Masters should be able to afford a car that’s not likely to fall apart in a stiff breeze. Especially when there’s no other way to get to work!


Agreed, it shouldn’t be that way! Teachers have such an important role for individuals and society! As well as needing the required education, knowledge, and skills.


One year ago today - the day my baby gave me a surprise (with thanks to Devo). Lucy, age 16 days.

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A bachelors degree should solidify that much, since the education certainly created more debt than a functional vehicle - compensation should outweigh the repercussions… time will tell.

My parents did this to us as kids too :joy:


Piece of shit car. I got a piece of shit car. That fucking pile of shit never gets me very far. It’s a piece of shit.

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Here ya go


All continues to go well with Sally, she’s become very easy to take care of thank goodness.

Got out my loupe just to give a quick peek since her buds are starting to take on that more mature look. She does have a bunch of cloudy now and I saw a couple of amber winks here and there.

This gives me hope that she may be done by Thanksgiving after all! Certainly not by the end of week 8 which is Saturday.


Lookie what I saw this morning:
Ash wins!
On behalf of Psyduck, Jigglypuff and Slowpoke - congratulations Ash on your long sought (25 years, doggone!) victory!


That would be cool, yet another thing to be grateful for!

:grin: :trophy:


I just totally cracked up when that was in my Twitter feed this morning. I was wut?

My girls were into Pokemon when it took its first run through kiddos. That’s why my green girls were all old school Pokemon.


Today is day 55 of flowering, first day of week 9. Sally is starting to look mature. I think she’s just about ready and may take her down this week, which also solves my Thanksgiving challenge - I will have the fans off.


Let’s try to load some of the scope pictures.

Hopefully these are all different, but I don’t guarantee it.


Nice scope pics and chunky buds!

Are these bugs or am I just tired and need to shut down? :crazy_face:



Looks as if it could be demon thrips though I haven’t seen them in weeks. I’ve had some gnats though. I’m too close to chopping to treat them with anything so I’ll have to go in with a brush or something.

It may be nothing, I don’t see then anywhere else but with this grow, that doesn’t seem likely.

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Yeah, I’m trusting it’s nothing, they’ve been away, so I’ll be shutting down now, :yawning_face: :zzz: :dizzy_face: :sleeping_bed:

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I think once I chop her I’m going to do a Merlin and toss the root balls into the woods behind my house, both her and the late Trixie. I’m going to have a big cleanup in the grow room which looks as if a herd of hoarders has been living in there, clean out the tent and store the extra stuff in the garage.

Oof. I’m tired before I start.


Here’s Grace.

Disappointed I didn’t get a colorful pheno this time around, but I’ve got 4 more seeds so I’m gonna roll the dice after a couple more runs. I have autos starting now and then I need to do a pheno hunt with some regs. After that, though :star_struck: colorful LSD here we come


Oh congratulations on the chop! Mebbe because she got pollenated she didn’t feel the need to make the sexy, sexy colors that attracted the boy plants? (j/k)

I’m excited to get my next grow going, my first autopot grow with the Critical Mass photo and the Bruce Banner auto. I understand BB can be a bit of a pain to raise, but honestly after Sally I feel as if I’ve faced many challenging issues so I’m more “ready” for what comes next.

Gotta get Sally chopped and dried. Once I get her in the Grove Bags I’ll be ready to go again.

I don’t think there’s going to be much of Sally - maybe 3 oz or a bit more? She definitely looks more sativa to me, buds are more slender though they feel very hard to the touch.

I can’t believe her leaves are still healthy and green, with the exception of the top fans which are showing autumn colors.

We had our first freeze last night. It’s been very very warm overall for October and November. I could have grown a huge azz Xmas tree type plant outside with that length of growing season.


I’m wondering that to a degree too - none of the plants who were heavily pollinated produced much by way of color - they seem “done” growing but the buds themselves never really “finished” - they just started going from green and lush to browning and obviously beginning to die. They didn’t have to focus at all on bud production, they were already busy!

Good thing I suspected that might happen and only ran this experiment when I knew I had a healthy backlog of stash. My wife will be sad to not be gaining any new variety for a couple months but I think she’ll be excited to try the PBB crosses.

I think you’ll do an outstanding job. I haven’t grown a Brucie yet, although thanks to @Docnraq I’ve got a BB auto now and I’m absolutely gonna give her a run. After watching you handle Sally, Trixie, Slowpoke, Audrey (oh, Audrey), and even Lucy, really - you can handle anything.

Fast flowering? No problem.
Picky eater? Who cares
Fungus gnats? Not today!
Spider mites? No way
Slow grower? Been there, done that.

Ain’t nothin’ a Bruce Banner can do to you that you haven’t already seen. :100::v:


Shhh! Don’t wish spider mites on me! :wink: Sally had/possibly still has thrips, those little demons.

I’m using a sanitizer I bought for school to clean out the interior of the tent. It’s meant to clean high chair trays and the like in daycares. I’m hoping that between that and changing the entire ventilation system I get back to a bug free grow. I’m a bit nervous with the change to the FF coco/perlite mix - I’ve seen people saying FF can bring in bugs - but I’m hoping that since it’s not soil it’s less likely.

I swear if I was potting up little plants, I’d bake the soil in my oven for a bit to kill any durn eggs that are in there.

And I think I’ll bring Sally down at the end of the week.