Fist time growing help

Do these seedling look ok ? Seem to be a bit yellow and if you look closely I think a new leaf has died. These are ilgm wite widow autos growing in fox farm ocean forest with mars pro 2 1200 w only on veg setting. I might be over watering going let dry out some


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The “yellowing” is actually rapid growth. You’ll see the very tops like this when they’re grow fast and love their environment.
Overtime it’ll turn a darker green just like the rest.


Welcome over all your seedlings look good, to keep from overwatering it’s good to use a dome on seedlings and just Mist the inside of the Dome couple times a day. Good luck

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Probably overwatered for soil. You’d be good if that was coco but no good for soil :v::bear:

Good start, water a little less.

All you need at this point is a spray bottle on mist. Get a dome, you’ll only need to water once a week or so. You’re in FF soil, there won’t be many issues, just let her grow. Don’t hover, don’t check her 100x a day. Let her be, water when she needs, no because you wanna do something. She’s fine looks healthy shell be a nice plant soon.

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