First week of flowering ... count as veg or flower?

So quick question. Kept reading first week you flip to flower is considered pre flower. And to give the veg nutes still. So on a scheduke for flowering nutes (advanced nutrients ) this friday will be 26 days since flioped to 12. 12. Oct 2nd. So. Thatsaid. Wouls i start week 4. Or 5 of flowering on day 29 of flipping to 12 /12 ?

Context means a lot here. For one, the nutrients you give mean very little to nothing in how you’re asking. Several of us feed same nutrients from start to finish with plenty of success. This may or may not work for you depending on what and how you’re using.

Most of us call “preflower” pistils that show on something like a photo plant while still in veg. All this means is that plant is mature enough to flower and will have relatively short transition time in comparison to less mature plant.

In terms of how you’re asking, most nutrient schedules discern week one of 12/12 with a dedicated recipe. Same for week 2, week 3, and so on. Check the schedule for nutrients in use and use column dedicated as week 5 of 12/12.


Using advanced nutrients ph perfect micro grow bloom nutes. For one tent.

and bergamns best for second tent. So week one of flower nutes would still be used day one of 12 12. Or day 7 ? With those nutrientlines

Week one days 1-7, week 2 days 8-14, week 3 days 15-21.

Depending on how you’re growing you may hand feed same recipe 1-2 times during each week, every day for each week, or mix up a hydroponic solution once for the week. Each little tweak in the recipe is the manufacturers opinion of what is best for what you’re doing. I’m not familiar enough with either to have them memorized, but i know detailed charts are available for both.

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The feed chart I used for GH (also micro, gro and bloom) had equal parts of each from the flip until you see pistils. Once you see pistils it went to a mix for flowering. I looked at the AN feed chart. For it day one is the day you flip to 12/12. It also goes equal parts at the flip. So to answer your question, for the AN you’d be starting week 5. IDK about the Bergman’s.


Any way you could clarify what you mean. Don’t mean to barge in on your thread but ias well use advanced nutrients ph perfect sensi edition. So not exactly what you are using but close. I’ve read this thread now probably five times or more trying to follow what is being said and what is being asked. I’m extremely new to growing and I’m working on my first girl right now and I’m about to switch half of them to flower and can’t find this thread and now I got questions. Sorry didn’t mean to intrude

The AN feed schedule has a veg part and a bloom part. The bloom portion starts on week one and goes to week 7, then a week for flush. When you flip lights to 12/12 (for photo plants) you start on day one of week one of flower schedule. @Jestertz flipped to 12/12 29 days ago and asked whether he was on week four or five of the schedule. The answer is week five.

After looking at the footnotes you’re supposed to repeat week four if your flowering period is longer than eight weeks. That said @Jestertz if you plan on flowering longer than 8 weeks repeat week 4. So if you’re going ten weeks do week four schedule for two more weeks.


I have always considered day 1 of 12/12(indoor) day 1 of flower. When I put my plants outside I wait until the daylight is under 15 hrs and do the same.

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@Outlaw thanks for that. It makes sense. So i have an Acapulco gold that takes 12 weeks to flower so i should repeat week 4 flower for 4 weeks. Correct?? Appreciate the break down if all this

According to the footnotes on the feed chart that is exactly what you do. I’m glad to be of assistance.